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I try not to let too much of my personal life seep into this blog. While it may morph into more in the future, right now I like what it is. Cute outfits.  Delicious recipes.  However, when you embark on something that takes so much training and time in your life, you can’t just ignore it. As I’ve mentioned briefly in previous posts, I’ve been training. And on November 1st, I ran the NYC marathon. It was amazing and painful and surreal and incredible and overwhelming and emotional and beyond rewarding. Now sitting around (very sore) the days after and thinking about it, it’s difficult not to be brought to tears thinking of the thousands surrounding you running along, and the thousands around cheering for you to make it to the finish line. There was a point I wasn’t sure I’d finish. But I did. I compiled a list (that may belong somewhere that reaches a wider audience) about the ten things I didn’t expect or believe or know before I started.  And people should know. This is not a post where I’m like “Everyone should do a marathon!” No. I strongly urge most of you not to.  It is a life commitment that takes a lot of your time and even if you feel great afterwards, in a mental holy-shit-I-did-this,  your body feels like it will fall apart.  And chill out, I still baked something to go with.


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