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Everyone can blame me for the snow days up north this week.  I take full responsibility. You’re welcome.  I grew up for the first part of my childhood in Ohio, but the second chunk of childhood in Florida. Context clues = no Florida snow days.  I feel like life is giving me a bit of a gift, making up for lost time. I spent the past few days baking, relaxing, getting some much needed sleep, and enjoying the finale of The Bachelor and immersing myself in The Crown on Netflix (everyone is so good on that show, I can’t handle it). Other than Phil being out of the country for work which is a huge bummer, I’ve been almost giddy at the fact that I had a full day off, nowhere to be, nothing required of me.  It’s the first time in two months really I’ve felt truly relaxed.  The other recent snow day was a treat, but this is the first time I’ve felt able to breathe without a slight weight of responsibility. I felt like a kid again, and there are few things more kid friendly than a Fluffernutter Sandwich…..or in this case, parfait.


We all deserve a little treat.....share!
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