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I have never been more grateful for 12 hour tech days in my life.  I recently stared at my computer with the daunting task of going through and editing folders of food pictures.  PLURAL. FOLDERS. It was scary. So many things…so little time……or so I thought.  As I’ve mentioned in previous posts I’m in rehearsals for a show in New York and spare time has been hard to come by. However, when preparing lights and sound for a show before it opens, there’s anywhere from 1-3 days that everyone has hours of down time while they’re not on stage. Bringing a book is encouraged on these days.  For me, it was the perfect time to sit in a corner when I wasn’t needed and edit the pictures of all the delicious things I’ve baked in the past few weeks. It was glorious. And by the beginning of day two, everything was done!!! I patted myself on the back, and felt a huge stress melt away.  Another way I deal with stress? Eating. Like these doughnuts.


We all deserve a little treat.....share!
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