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The countdown is official! Christmas is Sunday (sorry to all you 9-to-5ers who definitely got robbed of some extra days off) and we are only days away from just worrying about eating and watching Bing Crosby! The end of this year is going out with a bang, it’s really wrecking my plans to write a whole “2016 Blows” post. My husband and I booked a trip to Europe in January!! Prepare for some great photos! I booked a show! Prepare for for me to be ambitious about posting, but only be able to actually post half the things I want.  And did you see me on The Chew??? On Monday my episode aired and it was so trippy to watch myself on TV! I closed the show with a really fun DIY tip on how to use potato chip bags inside out as gift wrapping. Being able to show this tip, and also meet all the hosts and everyone involved with putting the show together was wonderful!


We all deserve a little treat.....share!
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