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Float On | Domestic B(i)atch


Where did summer come from? It snuck up on everyone, especially me. April and May were on and off chilly, and while our evenings aren’t warm quite yet, the sun is out more. It’s helped with keeping a positive attitude through busy and stressful days.  While not all stress is bad, it still takes a toll and May has taken a toll.  I decided to take on a new job while also beginning rehearsals for a show. So smart right? Yes. Super smart.  Well, balancing both has left little time for anything else.  What do my friends’ faces even look like anymore? I just don’t know.  On the few days I’ve had off sprinkled here and there I’ve taken solace in time with Phil, going for runs, and gin and tonics. Not necessarily in that order. I’m hoping to level out within a few weeks. But for now, I’ll enjoy weekend mornings walking around the city with Phil. And some ice cream. Because both those things will always make me happy.


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