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I’ve eaten a number of slices of humble pie in my day, and it tastes like regret.  However, you eat some delicious sassy fresh cherry pie and it tastes like pure rockstar. There’s something about using fresh cherries that sets it apart from canned. I attempted a lattice crust, and it wasn’t a failure. This is a pie that I feel like I could set on a window sill and birds would steal it because it’s so delicious. 

Full disclosure: this is a post I’ve wanted to put up for a little while ago, but got distracted with other baking projects, continuously pushing this post further and further away. Not to mention that between balancing work, rehearsals, and marathon training right now, I’m pretty grateful I actually had this post on reserve, because I’ve had zero time to bake.  So truth be told, cherry season is very much over, but I still wanted to share this with you.  And you can search this post next year when cherries are BACK in season. 


We all deserve a little treat.....share!
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