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I’m pretty sure ‘Spooky, Boozy, Bloody,’  was the back up title for TLC’s ‘Crazy, Sexy, Cool’ in the 90’s.  Guess it didn’t make the cut.

Well Happy Halloween to all you grown ups who will be inappropriately dressed up tomorrow. It’s a time for watching Hocus Pocus and wishing the Great Pumpkin King was real.  And while all you drunken dressed up idiots will be at parties clad as Donald Trump, Marty McFly, or that atrociously inaccurate slide from the Planned Parenthood trial (which would’ve been my costume, you can steal it), this idiot will be asleep.  Sleeping so hard, because I have voluntarily chosen to run 26.2 miles the following morning through the boroughs of New York City. And what better to carbo load with than cupcakes?? 


We all deserve a little treat.....share!
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