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The Summer Solution | Domestic B(i)atch


We are in the thick of summer right now, and while a lot of ladies have the option to throw their hair up in a ponytail, a messy bun, or fun braids, this is a not-so-much situation for those of us with a pixie cut.  Although I will say I am rocking a pretty cute teeny tiny ponytail to get the hair off my neck right now.  In a relative fashion, my hair is pretty long for me, and especially for the summer. Some projects I’ve been working on in my acting life have prohibited me from chopping it all off, so it’s been hanging in my face and driving me bananas.  So how to get it out of my way and make it stay put? Well, I invested in a curling iron for the first time ever, and haven’t looked back since.  Between my floral maxi and the curly do I’ve been sporting all summer, I don’t know how I  could figure out a better fix to last me through these humid months.  


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