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Lemon Blueberry Cupcakes | Domestic Batch


I love a good double take.  Baking something that warrants one (while also being tasty) is a great feeling.  Same goes for dress shopping.  Finding something you like is one thing, finding something you just keep coming back to and can’t NOT buy it, is another.  Whether it’s a beautiful dessert, or a killer maxi dress, there’s something about indulging in that pleasure that is so satisfying. There is such a striking quality about using blueberries in frosting, the natural color it brings is so bold it looks artificial. But it’s not! It’s beautiful, and after you bite into that cupcake and get that tart lemon curd, there’s no going back. I bought a maxi dress earlier this summer that I couldn’t stop thinking about. It hid in my closet for weeks.  I finally pulled it out when my husband and I saw Hamilton on Broadway last Wednesday.  As the first year of marriage is themed ‘Paper’ for gift inspiration, I gave Phil tickets to the show back in March, even though we actually wouldn’t be attending the show until July. (Tickets have been impossible to get. I bought them close to a year ago in preparation.) But in my defense I bought them for the day he proposed. The cupcakes and this dress both got me really excited, of course for totally different reasons.


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