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This is the cake to make for the holiday!!! Citrus is in season big time and not only do I love citrus but orange is so refreshing, and such a nice change from the heavy or earthy flavors normally associated with this time of year.  Every year in my stocking my parents give me that delicious chocolate orange that you slam on the counter and it breaks into segments.  The flavor of orange and chocolate together is heavenly, and I decided they’d go together perfectly in a Christmas Cake. Nothing makes me happier than being able to redo a recipe because it wasn’t quite what I wanted. I made this cake for my Christmas gathering and while everyone was kind enough to eat it, and really there was nothing particularly wrong with it my frosting was closer to whipped cream than buttercream, and not stiff enough to hold the layers on top very well.  That plus the fact I let my curd sit out a bit so it was room temperature and  less firm led to some epic weeping out the sides of my cake.  It was messy, I was frustrated, and I was going to be very sad if I couldn’t make it how I wanted.  But I found some time and did!!!! This time around it was perfect, and beautiful, if I may be so bold!!!! Adding the small adornments on top makes it the perfect centerpiece to your Christmas table.  Imagine tiny little people playing in your rosemary sprig forest throwing confectioner sugar snowballs!  PRECIOUS!!!!!


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