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Lemon & Lavender Panna Cotta | Domestic B(i)atch


Lemon……and Lavender.  The new fragrance from Domestic B(i)atch.  It’s catchy right? I’ll put a pin in that. For now, you’ll have to enjoy these flavors together in a dessert. There’s a reason it’s taken so long for me to try making panna cotta. It looks intimidating.  I figured making it would involve tempering and keeping a close eye on things and other small steps I didn’t even know. But that’s not what it is AT ALL.  I went all in and made this for our Thanksgiving dessert.  I mean if I failed, might as well be during a major holiday, amiright? However, I didn’t fail, and I was shocked at how fast and easy this dessert was to whip up. Christmas is right around the corner, and after a large gluttonous dinner, a light, refreshing dessert may be just what the doctor ordered. (Although by request from my other half I’ll be making  a poached pear frangipane tart for Xmas.)


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