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Blackberry and Thyme Crepe Cake | Domestic B(i)atch


**Special shoutout to Ben from Ramshackle Pantry! Have you tried to comment on any of my posts and it blocked you?? Well if so, I’m so sorry, I had no idea!  Ben brought this to my attention and it should be all fixed now! And make sure to check out his blog!!**

Now to the business at hand, summer birthdays. It must be nice to be a grown-up with a summer birthday.  All through school I remember friends who wouldn’t get to bring cupcakes to class, or have a party easily attended by all the kids because it fell between June and the beginning of September.  What. A. Bummer. But once we all lose summer break as adults, birthdays are fair game, and as a summer baby you can make up for lost time ten fold. You win at birthday time of year. There are birthdays at outdoor movies, beach day, patio bar crawl, or what this cake was made for, a picnic! My friend Alice is one of the coolest Brooklyn chicks I know, so of course she decided a picnic with plenty of friends and a table with food and drinks for miles would be the way to go. I wanted to make her a cake, but it’s summer, it’s hot, I’d prefer to not have to turn on the oven. Plus with a busy schedule, being able to make part of the cake beforehand was ideal.  Well pastry cream and fruit curd can check those boxes so after playing around with some flavor combos, I created this ooey gooey delicious crepe cake.


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