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Guys. What is going on. Can I get some type of validation from my fellow NYers? This past week, including yesterday, it was in the 60’s.  I walked around without a jacket. Today, wake up, SNOWSTORM. Flat out snow storm outside. Winter on the weekends? Over it. So to anyone who’s up north and stuck in this snow storm, or sudden drop in temperatures, maybe you should make this cake.  I wasn’t even going to post it, it was an experiment for a cake I was hired to make later on.  But it was so good, and my coworkers raved on how delicious it was I figured might as well put it up! I’m grateful I took a few pictures, because it is a great cake.  Despite the pale color of the cake itself, it’s actually strawberry. Without artificial coloring, the red/pinkish color from strawberry puree bakes out.  But it still tastes like strawberry!!! The frosting is pretty basic, but instead of thinning out the frosting with milk, use prosecco.  


We all deserve a little treat.....share!
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