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What a week!!! Filming The Chew on Wednesday was a blast. Everyone was so nice there! I had such a great time.  And you can catch me on Monday, the 19th. I close out the show, so the last three minutes belong to ME. It’s like this week is trying to make up for the rest of 2016 sucking so hard.  It’s doing a pretty good job though.  I’m so excited to post about the crossover collaboration I took part in this week!! As most of you know, I’m an actor, and this blog has become a really exciting creative outlet for me.  It allows me to combine other things I love in life, like style and baking, and put it out there consistently.  Acting is hardly ever consistent, and you’re never in control of the jobs you book because of so many random variables that if I told you just a fraction of them would blow your mind. Well, I am certainly not the only actor to take creativity into my own hands. My friend, Leah has done the same.  She’s a wonderful actor who, like me, wanted a creative outlet when she wasn’t working on a show.  Coincidentally, she debuted her podcast, The Compass, the same week I debuted this blog!! So we’ve both been on this side-project journey, and we have finally brought our projects together.  Leah came over and baked a berry crisp with me (which we demolished almost in its entirety within one sitting) and I was a guest on her podcast, which talks to artists about dealing with the industry, fighting the dark times, and the journey thus far.  I’ve loved listening to it since she first started because it’s made me realize that no matter what level of “success” people seem to have, we’re all battling similar demons.  You can download it on iTunes, but also go to her Facebook page here and follow it to get updates. It’s a great thing to listen to on the train, or if you need to escape from life a little.


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