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Nutty Chocolate Chip Cookies | Domestic Batch










A year ago, I began this blog.  Now if you look at the menu on the right, the first post claims to be in July.  However, that was before I knew how to schedule posts if  I wrote them before the actual date I wanted them posted.  While I allowed this blog to go live in late July, I technically started writing and blogging a year ago today.  It’s funny how a year can pass by so quickly, and how even faster the world spins the older I get. But as I’ve hit my one year anniversary on Domestic B(i)atch, it’s still going, and I’d like to think in a stronger and more positive direction.  This creative outlet has brought more joy in the past year than I anticipated, and I am grateful.  I hope to continue blogging, bringing you into this world of food and style with me, and be as inspired by it as I am.  Knowing that you can start doing something you have never done, have no idea what’s in store, read A LOT of articles and watch a lot of tutorials, cry a little, but smile more, and create something new in your life is really satisfying.  It’s never too late to try something completely different.


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