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The countdown is official! Christmas is Sunday (sorry to all you 9-to-5ers who definitely got robbed of some extra days off) and we are only days away from just worrying about eating and watching Bing Crosby! The end of this year is going out with a bang, it’s really wrecking my plans to write a whole “2016 Blows” post. My husband and I booked a trip to Europe in January!! Prepare for some great photos! I booked a show! Prepare for for me to be ambitious about posting, but only be able to actually post half the things I want.  And did you see me on The Chew??? On Monday my episode aired and it was so trippy to watch myself on TV! I closed the show with a really fun DIY tip on how to use potato chip bags inside out as gift wrapping. Being able to show this tip, and also meet all the hosts and everyone involved with putting the show together was wonderful!

Everyone was just so nice, the hosts, the casting directors, the producers, the sound guy who put on my mic.  You could tell everyone actually liked their job, which made the environment so welcoming.  

Patrick the casting director was so kind to take some backstage pictures for me!  Guys, I loved being on the show, tell everyone I should be back! Make it happen! 

Can we talk about how Carla and I are in the same play with our outfits?? Also, Clinton Kelly told me he liked my outfit.  I.  Die.  I am so so grateful for having this opportunity.  It’s like 2016 was a crappy relationship, and then right when it knows I’m about to break up with it, it buys me a really shiny present.  You’re not fooling me 2016! I’m still ready to plow into 2017 and SLAY!!!!

You can check out my episode of The Chew here. (I’m at the very end in case you want to skip forward)

Alright. Speaking of presents, I recreated my Chew tutorial for you since it was cut a little short on the show.  If you’re into DIY, repurposing, a budget (I’m into all these things), then this is a great option!  This is the time of year that everything costs so much, wrapping paper is no exception.  However, you can simply cut down the side and bottom of a potato chip bag and have a nice long piece that is either white or silver on the inside. Simply rinse the inside with warm water and soap, give it a gentle scrub, let it dry, and you can use the piece just like any piece of wrapping paper! Then you can dress it up to your liking, markers, stamps, ribbons.  I always prefer making the wrapping my own to using normal gift wrap.

TA DA!!!! So easy right???

I love chips, it can be an issue if a bag is in front of me.  The older I’ve gotten the more I definitely enjoy a savory craving instead of just sweet. And mixing sweet and savory together is the best! So if you want to use this gift wrapping tip and you don’t want to crush a whole bag of chips, I made a simple, three-ingredients Potato Chip Bark to snack on!! I didn’t realize how much I could enjoy chocolate and potato chips together, it sounds weird, but trust me. 

3 Ingredient Potato Chip Bark
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  1. 1 1/2 cups broken potato chips
  2. 10-12 oz high quality semi-sweet chocolate, roughly chopped
  3. 1 tbsp canola oil
  1. Line a rimmed baking sheet with parchment paper, set aside
  2. Over simmering water, melt the chopped chocolate and oil together in a heat proof bowl or double boiler
  3. Continue to stir chocolate with a rubber spatula until all chocolate is melted and is smooth
  4. Remove bowl or pot from water and pour in 1 cup of broken up potato chips
  5. Gently toss with chocolate until all chips are covered and no chips are visible anymore
  6. Pour mixture onto lined baking sheet and spread out with a spatula
  7. Sprinkle remaining 1/2 cup of potato chips onto the top of chocolate
  8. Place in fridge to chill at least one house, but preferably overnight to harden
  9. Break or slice into pieces and enjoy
Domestic B(i)atch http://domesticbatch.com/

Make this for any party, holiday or otherwise and it’ll be gone in minutes. Better make a few batches! I hope you enjoyed my little TV story and this holiday tip! I’ve got one more recipe to share before Christmas, and then it’s almost the end of the year! Do I smell a recipe countdown? Yes, I think so.

We all deserve a little treat.....share!
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