Heat Wave

Mango Tart | Domestic Batch


Ooooooo baby I wanted it to feel like summer and I GOT IT. As July is almost coming to a close it’s clear the seasons have shifted a little.  While May and June were cool and breezy, summer hasn’t even felt real until this past week.  It’s reared its sun-shiny head and we’re pushing the mid-90’s in the middle of the day. Being surrounded by buildings doesn’t give a lot of options for a cool down, so I take solace in wearing summer dresses, taking cold showers, and making super refreshing desserts that require no oven! This Mango Tart checks some pretty important boxes.  I’m all over this mango curd I made for the middle of the tart, and being able to freeze the crust instead of bake it makes this dessert even easier. And surprise surprise, I have an outfit to go with! Overdue right?

I think at the end of this year I may write a top ten list of all the things I’ve learned blogging. One of the top three things on that list, always buy backup ingredients.  If you’re trying to make something new, it’s na├»ve to think that every time the first time is going to work. The first time I made this mango curd it was delicious, but not thick enough to go into a crust.  I knew if I chilled it and then cut into it, it would still seep out.  So I saved that curd to spoon over vanilla ice cream and tried again. This time I upped the egg yolks and cornstarch and it came out perfect. The splash of lime juice adds a great acidity and the whole thing together was a pretty divine summer treat.

For the Mango Curd
Mango Tart | Domestic Batch

Mango Coconut Tart
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For the Crust
  1. 1 1/2 cup crushed graham crackers
  2. 5 tbsp butter, melted
  3. 1/3 cup sugar
For the Mango Curd
  1. 1 1/2 fresh mango, cubed
  2. 2 tbsp cornstarch
  3. 1/3 cup sugar
  4. 4 egg yolks
  5. 3 tbsp butter
  6. pinch of salt
  7. juice of 1 fresh lime
  8. 1/2-3/4 cup of dried coconut for topping
For the Crust
  1. In a medium bowl, mix together all ingredients until clump begin to form
  2. Pour into greased tart pan and with a spoon or the bottom of a glass pack down graham crumbs into bottom and up the sides of the pan
  3. Place into freezer until ready to use
For the Curd
  1. In a double boiler, bring 1-2 inches of water to a simmer, never let it reach a boil
  2. In a food processor, add in mango, sugar, lime juice, and salt, pulse to combine
  3. Add in egg yolks and pulse until smooth
  4. Pour mixture into pot (or heat safe bowl) and place over simmer water
  5. Add in cornstarch and whisk until combined
  6. Continue to whisk about 10 minutes until thickened. Make sure curd stays heated, but never reaches boil to avoid burning curd at the bottom of the pot. Periodically take curd off simmer water and whisk, returning to water to continue to thicken.
  7. Once thickened, take off heat and whisk in butter one tablespoon at a time until fully melted and combined
  8. Take crust out of freezer
  9. Pour curd into chilled crust and place in fridge to cool
  10. Chill for at least 2 hours
  11. When almost ready to serve, heat a skillet on low-medium heat. Add in coconut flakes and gently stir now and then until toasted (2-4 minutes)
  12. Take off heat and allow coconut to cool before using
  13. Sprinkle coconut around edge of tart before serving
  14. Slice and enjoy
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Patience is a virtue my friend. This curd is a low and slow, as all curds should be.  As I’m approaching my blogiversary, I’m beginning to make things over and over again, improving each time. Curd is something I’m beginning to feel a lot better about, and like the more commonly-made lemon curd, this mango curd needs to be given the time to thicken, and not allowed to ever reach a boil. Throughout the thickening process I recommend taking it off the simmering water if it looks like it’s getting too hot.  Take it off, whisk a little, and return to simmering water.  It needs to be heated cautiously.

Mango Tart | Domestic BatchSlicing mangos is tricky, no? It can get so messy so fast.  Just give in. Get messy.

Mango Tart | Domestic Batch
Mango Tart | Domestic BatchI may have actually cheered to myself when I cut the first slice and it stayed put.  

Mango Tart | Domestic Batch

Need a break from key lime pie? This could be your solution. The mango has a great distinct flavor without being overwhelming.  This is a scrape your plate kind of dessert. While mangos are everywhere right now, I highly recommend giving this dessert a go.

My original concept for this blog was outfits and baking.  I’ll be the first to admit I’ve dropped the ball on the style aspect.  I’ve let myself off the hook with a lot of excuses as to why.  I am definitely intimidated by style bloggers who live……well among nature.  I love this city, but I kept telling myself if the setting wasn’t perfect, why bother. Well I’m over it. I’m going to try harder to keep this concept going.  So you’ll get recipes this week with outfits, just like I wanted in the first place! And I’m going to try and stop waiting for fairytale settings and just get real.  I live in Harlem. I don’t take my camera everywhere.  You may get a lot of outfits in front of my building.  And if you’re not mad about it, neither am I.

Summer in the City | Domestic Batch

This dress is definitely something different for me.  I haven’t jumped on the off-the-shoulder trend yet because it’s exactly that, a trend.  I feel like this is a great fad that is so flirty and lovely, and next June may not exist.  So I’ve chosen this dress carefully because it was cute, a great bold color, and perfect to keep cool.

Choies is a place I often frequent online to shop.  It’s easy to rabbit hole yourself into all the clothes they have, and just keep throwing things into your virtual bag.  But this dress was a must.

Summer in the City | Domestic BatchSummer in the City | Domestic Batch-3

These wedges are everything! The comfiest summer sandals maybe I’ve ever bought! I wear them with everything.

Summer in the City | Domestic Batch

With something like a bold red, I like finding classic gold pieces to go with since the dress does all the talking for you.

Summer in the City | Domestic Batch

How are you keeping cool in the thick of summer??

Choies Dress / Crown Vintage Wedges / Stitch Fix Purse (similar)

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2 Responses to Heat Wave

  1. Kelsey Didion says:

    Ashley! I just want you to know how much I love this blog and that I regularly check it and make your delicious recipes. The mango tart is currently cooling in the fridge. Thank you for this little ray of sunshine on the world wide web. Sending love from Colorado!

    • Ashley says:

      Kelsey!! Thank you so much! It’s so great to hear from you!!!! I really appreciate it, I hope the Mango Tart is delish. See you next time you’re in town!

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